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About Us

Firm Overview

Federman Steifman LLP employs a pragmatic approach in counseling its clients that includes viewing legal issues in commercial terms, evaluating the impact of each issue on potential returns on investment, and pinpointing what matters – and what does not – from an economic point of view.

We represent major international, national, regional and local underwriters, investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, asset managers, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies, credit enhancers, pension funds, insurance companies, private, public and institutional real estate owners and developers, contractors, tax credit and other equity syndicators and investors, banks, non-bank credit companies, mortgage bankers, savings and loan associations, mezzanine lenders, preferred equity investors, utility companies, cooperative corporations, condominium associations, telecommunications companies, family limited partnerships, trusts and estates, high net worth individuals, executives and state and local governments.

Dune Real Estate Partners
George Comfort and Sons
Cross River
First Republic
UC Funds
Garnett Station Partners
Merchant’s National Properties
Quality Branded